Digital Publishing-One Product, Multiple Solutions

White Label Solutions

One Product, Multiple Solutions

 Are you looking for some better white label solutions for improving your status in market.Here is the solution for you –      TapEdition,offering partnership and white label services for web development companies.When we say White Label, that means we do all of your projects under your company name and this thing is never disclosed to the public.Highly professional services are delivered for clients helping to improve development and investment.It is easy to get started with it.

 Mobile revolution is increasing at lightening speed and businesses are trying to get profit by creating mobile apps.But building mobile apps is both time consuming and expensive.Thats where we come in.TapEdition white label solutions makes it easy to create branded apps for customers and clients.White label services designed specifically for designers, developers, and marketing professionals to create mobile apps to help small business clients cash in on the trends toward mobile.We are committed to respond to your needs with customized features and application and early to market with a robust, organic broadcast text platform helping clients to place brands in the mobile space.

 White Label Solutions provide following key features:

 1)Huge Profit Potential

2)Complete Brand Control

3)Grow Your Company

4)Extremely Easy CMS

5)100% White Label

As a reseller you can build mobile app under your own brand for customers.Furthermore marketing tools are also provided to show analysis,trends and benefits to the customers.White label services provides the expertise and bandwidth needed to help them win and retain profitable clients.It would be perfect for an individual managing the mobile marketing efforts and encourage business owners to develop iOS apps to help market their businesses.TapEdition White Label is a customizable, reliable and socially integrated email marketing software with a proven reputation and award-winning features.

Why your business need white label services?The white label services include much better administrative features to design and manage the website in a more flexible manner.Business owner has options to select commercial module to suit its marketing policy and website requirements.Get access to a number of secure payments gateways like Google checkout,, and multiple PayPal services.Nowadays white label solutions are becoming a populat trend among the companies to help execute projects.The biggest benefit of such white label services is a complete win win situation for you and your clients. You get the deal, we execute it, you deliver and both of you and your client is happy.

How it is helpful?Professional developers and strategist having long experience in white label services are there to help .Irrespective of the existing design of commerce portal,white label programs are recommended,required to optimize the appearance and performance of the website.Up gradation, web hosting and template development services are also included along with website designing and development.Avail the white label solutions to develop a new website or upgrade your existing commerce portal.

With white label service your new site will be branded as you like and a domain you host can be pointed to the TapEdition platform.This is transparent to users,they will not know it is us.To a user, this is seamlessly, like they never left your site.When the user builds the app using your branded site and submits the app for publishing, we will handle the submission to Apple on your behalf.


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